NeoDash is a open source project. We transform data into charts and analysis.

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Welcome to NeoDash, your trusted partner in transforming raw data into meaningful charts and insightful analysis. We understand the value of visual data representation and its impact on decision-making. Our open-source platform is designed to empower companies to integrate dynamic and interactive charts directly into their websites effortlessly.

Open Source

At NeoDash, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our project is open-source, ensuring transparency, flexibility, and the collective wisdom of our contributors.

Customizable Integration:

Developers have the freedom to use the database of their choice to integrate advanced data functionalities seamlessly.

Easy Collaboration:

Designers and developers are invited to join our project and collaborate. Simply drop us an email to get an invitation to our GitHub repository and start contributing!

Facilities you'll fall in love with.

Data Visualization:
Analysis Tools:
User-Friendly Interface:

We work with Mongo Db , firebase , MySQl , PostgresSQL and many more.

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